According to the court, the indictment includes 291 acts between January 2014 and October 2019

According to the court, the indictment includes 291 acts between January 2014 and October 2019

On the basis of the grounds of the court, a new general decree is now being prepared, which is expected to come into force on Tuesday. Without going into their content, the city emphasized that the majority of Düsseldorf residents "the masks are recognized as an aid to protecting their own health and the health of others" have. The vast majority of people wear "when it is necessary" – a mask. 154 deaths: Robert Koch Institute reports more than 15,000 new infections "90 percent effective": German company applies for approval of corona vaccine Regio-Nachrichten: All current news from all cities

The administrative court ruled on Monday morning to a citizen who had filed an urgent application and a lawsuit against the general mask requirement. The court named the city’s general order "illegal" and listed corresponding passages. However, the court decision only affected the plaintiff himself. The mask requirement per se remained in place – until the city lifted it a few hours later.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The "Lockdown light" in force. Additional measures are being introduced in Bonn for this purpose. They are initially valid until November 30th.

Stricter corona rules apply in Bonn with immediate effect. The reason for this is that it has been introduced nationwide "Lockdown light". In addition to the closure of restaurants and tourism, service centers such as cosmetics, tattoo and massage studios also have to open. Hairdressing studios can remain open.

There are also other restrictions in public spaces. In principle, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to others must be maintained. However, this does not apply to children in playgrounds, in childcare at school and on buses. The minimum distance is also not necessary when meeting another household. However, a maximum of ten people are allowed.

Sunday shopping allowed

The retail trade will remain open, but the number of visitors will be limited to one person per ten square meters. While fairs, exhibitions and fairs are not permitted, weekly markets can still take place. In addition, there will be five shopping Sundays to ease the flow of customers.

Both recreational and amateur sports in all public and private spaces or facilities are prohibited until November 30th. "Competitions in professional leagues and other professional sporting activities are permitted with approved infection protection concepts, but may only take place without spectators until the end of November", is it [called.

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Furthermore, museums, theaters, cinemas and other such cultural institutions close until at least November 30th. The Beethoven Music School also has to close. Most of the offers at the adult education center will also not take place. There are exceptions for integration or language courses. All further information here.

Sources used: City of Bonn: press release from October 30, 2020

At a demonstration against the Corona measures, almost twice as many people gathered as were initially announced. Masks were not worn.

In Karlsruhe, around 900 people gathered on Saturday for a demonstration against the currently applicable Corona measures. The organizers had previously announced 500 participants. Since the participants did not adhere to the prescribed distance rules, the police and public order office should have pointed this out several times, said a police spokesman on Saturday.

The event was therefore about to be dissolved. Around 40 people also came together for a counter demonstration on Karlsruhe’s

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The administrative court in Karlsruhe had lifted the requirement of a mask requirement for the demonstration on Friday after a complaint from the organizer and instead made a distance requirement. With the consistent compliance with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, there is an equally suitable means of effectively reducing the risk of infection with the coronavirus, it was said to justify. The mask requirement of the city of Karlsruhe was thus invalid.

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In Hamburg, stricter rules to contain the corona pandemic will apply from Monday. These are the new measures at a glance.

To contain the corona pandemic, Hamburg, like other federal states, is partially shutting down public life for four weeks from today. So all restaurants and pubs have to close again, as well as cosmetic studios, massage practices, tattoo and fitness studios and cinemas. Events are canceled and spectators in the Bundesliga are banned again.

On the other hand, schools, kindergartens, wholesalers and retailers and hairdressers should remain open.

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The red-green Senate decided on the far-reaching restrictions on Friday, thereby implementing a partial lockdown agreed by the federal and state governments. The ban on contact agreed on Wednesday by the Prime Minister of the Länder and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) at a video conference was no longer up for debate in Hamburg. It already applies in the Hanseatic city.

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There was a corona outbreak in a nursing home in Frankfurt. Dozens of residents and carers are affected. Containment measures have already been taken.

In a Frankfurt geriatric care facility, 46 residents and 22 employees tested positive for the corona virus. Eight of the seniors had come to the hospital because of symptoms, said a spokesman for the Frankfurt District Association of Workers’ Welfare (AWO). An infected resident with previous illnesses has now died. Previously, the "picture"Newspaper reports.

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According to the AWO spokesman, the affected residents were isolated in the facility. Quarantine had been ordered for the employees who tested positive. Visits to the facility are currently not permitted. The AWO also announced that the facility will be closely monitored by the internal crisis team and the responsible authorities.

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In the trial of the Bergisch Gladbach abuse complex, the defendant was sentenced in Wiesbaden to over ten years in prison. He had abused his children and a stepchild and distributed the pictures.

In the case of the Bergisch Gladbach abuse complex, the Wiesbaden district court imposed a 13-year prison sentence on Monday against a 39-year-old for over 50 cases of serious child sexual abuse as well as possession, production and gang-like distribution of child pornography.

In addition, the Wiesbaden district court ordered the man to be placed in preventive detention. The reasons for the judgment took place in camera.

Abuse of multiple children and distribution of the images

The German had been accused of sexually abusing his children, including an infant and a stepchild, and of sending pictures of the crimes through chat groups. According to the court, the indictment includes 291 acts between January 2014 and October 2019.

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The hearing had taken place in camera to protect the victims. The 39-year-old has been in custody since October 2019. Due to the corona pandemic, the verdict was not announced in the Wiesbaden district court, but in an external courtroom on a festival site in Wiesbaden-Biebrich.

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When the Wolfsburger Tafel had to close in the spring due to the corona pandemic, football fans took care of those in need. Because of the partial lockdown, the action is now being rolled out again. 

Solidarity in the corona pandemic: All of Germany is currently in partial lockdown. Cultural institutions and restaurants remain closed nationwide. The Wolfsburger Tafel also had to close again – as with the strict Corona restrictions in spring. Back then, football fans jumped in and put up with the project "Fantafel" the food supply for the needy is secure even in times of crisis. That should now be repeated – with the "Fantafel 2.0". 

"Thanks to the reliable work of the active fan scene with the Wolfsburg fan project in March and April 2020 and the positive feedback from the needy, the city and its residents and not least from Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil himself, the active fan scene has worked with the fan project Wolfsburg agreed to take over the table service again from November 5th, 2020", explains City Councilor Iris Bothe in a city press release. 

Since Thursday, groceries have been distributed to the needy on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. at the "Wolfsburg fan table" in the premises of the Wolfsburger Tafel at Kleiststrasse 35.

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"In the past few days, committed soccer fans from the active fan scene have come together again to set up an alternative food distribution together with the Wolfsburg fan project for the period of the closure. We are enthusiastic about the committed, social cohesion in times of Corona", Rene Zach and Anke Thies are quoted from the municipal fan project. 

Sources used: City of Wolfsburg: Communication from November 5th

New measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus constantly present companies with new challenges. The CDU now wants to provide entrepreneurs with aids that could help with a dynamic response to measures.

For better orientation of traders in the pandemic, the CDU is calling for corona guides in all Hamburg districts. They should provide local companies with advice and action in an unbureaucratic manner and provide information about "what is feasible in what form according to the current regulation"According to a motion from the group for the next citizens’ meeting next Wednesday.

"The corona pandemic and the rapidly increasing numbers of infections pose great challenges for many traders, and the very existence of many companies is threatened"said the parliamentary director Dennis Gladiator of the German press agency. "It is therefore particularly important to give Hamburg’s economy the best possible support."

Financial aid is only a first step

The financial aid from the federal government and the city is an important first step. "It is just as important, however, that the traders always have a reliable contact in the administration to find out what is allowed and what is not based on the respective containment ordinance."

The red-green Senate lacks information and support on this point, although the large number of regulations and restrictions as well as the frequent changes due to the dynamic infection process often pose great challenges for the traders.

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"At least one corona pilot should therefore be located in each of the seven Hamburg district offices"demanded Gladiator. "Hamburg’s way out of the crisis only goes hand in hand with hard-working entrepreneurs and traders."

Sources used: dpa news agency

In Berlin over a hundred people celebrated in a club that had received high levels of immediate Corona aid over the weekend. The police broke up the celebration – a day later, the conditions were again disregarded.

In the discotheque "The Pearl" Hundreds of people celebrated at the weekend in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin. After the party broke up on Friday, the rules were again broken on Saturday. The report "Daily mirror" and the "B.Z.".

Around a hundred people were at the club’s Halloween party on Friday – even after midnight. The administrative court had only approved the celebration until midnight. This already corresponds to an exemption from the generally applicable curfew at 11 p.m. On the night of Saturday, a stranger had called the police at around 0.20 o’clock and the celebrants had to leave the club. The next day the scenes were repeated: again the party was probably after midnight without masks or distance. This time the police moved in with a hundred and cleared the discotheque.

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In the past few months, the operator of "The Pearl" get extensive corona aid money from the state of Berlin – with 500,000 euros even the maximum amount. On average, bar operators received 85,620 euros.

Sources used:"Daily mirror": "Berlin police clear two parties in a club that received Corona aid"B.Z.": "The club receives half a million Corona aid – and celebrates late into the night"

Bavaria sees red: Numerous stages in Bavaria have their theater illuminated in line with the motto #alarmstuferot. The action is intended to draw attention to the difficult situation of the stages in the Corona crisis.

In protest against the renewed closure of all theaters, several cultural centers in Bavaria will be illuminated in red in the coming weeks. "Under the motto #alarmstuferot, this statement is intended to direct attention to the special situation of those working in the arts", announced several affected stages on Tuesday.