Cheaper on vacation: Cheaper on vacation: The 10 best vacation savings tips

Cheaper on vacation: Cheaper on vacation: The 10 best vacation savings tips

Does the travel catalog speak of one "emerging resort" At the end of the day, holidaymakers may find themselves in a holiday destination where cranes and construction machinery dominate the cityscape, bars, boutiques or a promenade are not in sight or the sewer system has yet to be completed. Undoubtedly, this is not an environment in which one will find the relaxation one is hoping for. The formulation of the "wild and romantic location" should also be used with caution. In the travel catalog, it can indicate that the hotel is isolated from the tourist center and can only be reached via rough terrain.

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Question catalog German

The MDR advises reading between the lines so that you do not experience any nasty surprises when you are on holiday. Check with the tour operator, find out more on rating portals and look at photos of other holidaymakers. If the picture drawn in the catalog does not correspond to reality on holiday, you should first complain to the tour guide on site. If defects cannot be remedied, you can contact the organizer after the trip and insist on compensation. Tip: Photos of evidence and witnesses are helpful here.

Vacation in October saves money, but not always nerves, even if with good planning you can avoid traffic jams on the trip. In addition, the service in the mild, less stressful off-season is often better than in the main holiday season.

Beware of hidden travel expenses
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Relaxing beach holiday during the autumn off-season

The big players in the tourism industry are slowly packing their offers into the winter chest in autumn – but not everywhere. Now is the right time to visit sights in Turkey, Italy, Greece, Spain and parts of the United Arab Emirates without the crowds of tourists, because the international tourist flow has already dried up in many places.

Or stop by cozy insider bars that were overcrowded during the main season. Enjoy the water and the beaches in these countries – it is often still invitingly warm and the sun is friendly like in the German summer. In addition, you often only pay a third or even half of the high season price in the low season.

Mobile vacation in October: How to travel stress-free and without traffic jams

If you would like to camp on your vacation in October, you are not bound by rooms or arrival times. However, if you plan badly here, you might end up in a traffic jam for many hours.

The ADAC forecasts full roads, especially for the weekends, as many late vacationers head south or into the low mountain range. To avoid a nerve-wracking long drive, it is worth taking a look at the ADAC’s online traffic jam report.

Especially at the beginning of the holiday in the individual federal states and on weekends, it is advisable to depart outside of rush hour. If you cannot postpone these or bring them forward, study alternative routes. In the best case scenario, twenty additional kilometers on country roads will save you hours of traffic jams on the motorway.

Enjoy the economical off-season to the full

Even with last-minute offers, you can spontaneously and cheaply grab a vacation in October. Find out in advance whether the offer is only favorable depending on the season or whether the local conditions are generally “cheap” rather than inexpensive.

In internet test portals you will find experience reports on travel regions, accommodations and travel providers. The countries of Eastern Europe are currently a recommendation for autumn holidays with a tight budget and high demands.

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Even there it is still pleasantly mild in autumn in the southern regions. Since these countries have not been involved in global tourism for long, they are particularly keen to attract you as a holidaymaker. Untouched nature, genuine hospitality and regions free from tourist streams – holiday quality at off-season prices that you can certainly afford.

In Germany, suitcases will soon be packed again: Many families and working people who can only travel during the school holidays use the Easter period at the end of March and beginning of April 2018 for their first vacation of the year. With a few tips, the spontaneous short trip over Easter can also be financially fun.

Easter vacation in the sun or in the snow?
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1. Vary travel destinations and find alternatives

Certain travel destinations are similar to each other, but the demand for them varies. This applies, for example, to the Mediterranean region, to which around every third German holiday trip leads: Spain, Italy or Turkey are popular classics with many Germans despite economic or political crises, so that the tourism market here quickly reaches its capacity limits during the main travel times.

Things are likely to be much more relaxed in Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria or Croatia. In addition, cheap holidays are possible here. Greece is also still a popular travel destination. Beautiful beaches, high mountains, deep gorges and culture, Crete has to offer. Most Germans feel like going to the beach and the sea after winter. A popular destination for an Easter trip are islands where the sun beckons even in spring. If you haven’t decided on one yet, here are six island tips. If you already know more about it and are, for example, a fan of the Canaries, you can choose the right one of the seven islands here. 

Six islands where spring is already beginning
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Sure, some travel enthusiasts definitely want to go to Paris, London or Rome over Easter. In that case it will be a bit more expensive. If you just want to get away – whether it’s a city break or a ski break – you shouldn’t commit yourself to one or two destinations. Travel agency employees often know of good alternatives to the popular hotspots, explains the German Travel Association (DRV) – for example to go skiing to Bulgaria instead of the well-known winter sports centers in the Alps. Of course, every vacationer can search individually. From the Amalfi Coast to Vienna: Here you will find our five insider tips for the Easter holiday. 

2. Flexibility at the departure airport saves money 

If you know a few tricks, it is possible to book cheap vacations. A typical day of arrival and departure for package tours is Saturday. Trips within this standard schedule are sold out quickly, especially when a particularly large number of people are on vacation, as in the Easter holidays. So if you are flexible with regard to arrival and departure days as well as the length of your vacation, you will find free blocks from many providers at Easter, in which travel is much cheaper directly.

So if the vacationers accept five days or ten to twelve days or a slightly later arrival and departure, they can sometimes save a lot of money by filling the gap. Those wishing to travel can also save if they choose a different departure airport than the one in the immediate vicinity, because other airlines take off there, for example.

Trips are often assigned to specific airports in so-called packages and their prices are adjusted accordingly. A comparable journey starting from Düsseldorf Airport can therefore be more expensive than, for example, from Cologne / Bonn Airport. So it is sometimes worthwhile to take another trip to the airport in order to be able to book the holiday at a significantly lower price overall. The flight search engine Skyscanner advises to switch to other nearby airports in case of doubt, as a train or bus trip there could be cheaper than the surcharge for a more expensive flight.

3. Longer journey = often cheaper vacation 

When flying, don’t forget the ancillary costs. The large and central airports often charge high parking fees, while the parking options at the smaller airports such as Münster / Osnabrück or Paderborn / Lippstadt are comparatively cheap. In the case of airports, however, the rating depends not only on the surcharges, but also on other factors such as parking costs, travel routes and options using local public transport or the option to check-in before the evening.

4. Price comparison on the Internet: Yes, but correct 

A look at the offers of travel portals on the Internet also helps when looking for holidays and comparing prices. Here it is important to use portals that present the market as comprehensively as possible. This makes it easy to compare and combine different tour operators and departure airports. Skyscanner advises combining flight offers by flying there with one airline and flying back with another. This can also lower the price of the flight and make the Easter trip cheaper. Or you don’t fly for environmental reasons and look for a nearby destination that can be reached by train or bus.

If those willing to travel are flexible with factors such as date, duration and travel destination, real bargains can be made. These are usually no longer available at the airport. In the past, last-minute trips were often booked at the airport, but this option has now been largely replaced by the Internet, where a larger range of offers is usually available.

A travel agency can help if you need professional advice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be more expensive here, although it always makes sense to compare prices from online travel portals and travel agencies. 

5. Travel agencies are in principle not worse or more expensive than online portals

When choosing the right travel agency, it is important to pay attention: Travel agencies linked to tour operators, such as Tui travel agencies, tend to focus more on the trips of their own tour operator. At the same time, however, certain tour operator-bound hotels or other travel services are sometimes only available here exclusively and not in online portals.

The advice is typically better in the travel agencies than in the online portals, even if they now offer advice via a hotline, for example. Here, for example, seals of quality such as the Tüv seal help. And those who value sustainability should pay attention to the CSR seal (Corporate Social Responsibility) from TourCert, which is already used by some travel agencies.

Benefit from specialist knowledge in travel agencies

If you want to book an expensive or very exclusive vacation, you are often better off at a travel agency than when booking online, as the customer often does not have enough information and knowledge to choose and put together an unknown destination and vacation package.

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To save yourself this frustration, it may make more sense to choose the travel agent and get the exact dream vacation without worries. In addition, travel agencies themselves have to be liable for serious advisory errors, which is far more difficult to implement or prove when booking on internet portals.