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The karts can also fly, be submersible, drive off-road, or go into space or some other impossible place. You will need access to Xbox Live in order to play this game online, and that will cost you a monthly payment. Plus, in two-player split-screen mode, you can only race against the other player and not computer-controlled opponents. Another downside is a few cars are only unlockable after paying for the DLC.

This is an online racing game designed to take you on an exciting on-track trip into the world of the Formula One career. For the first time in PC gaming history, the iconic Virtual Safety Car and Safety Car have been included for much exciting playing time. You also engage with the engineering team to develop your car for better performances, sponsorship deals and higher rankings.

The wide variety of event types, including some incredibly daunting endurance races, made Gran Turismo 3 more of a grind than most racers. Mastering the ins and outs of Gran Turismo 3‘s tough but realistic controls took patience and time, but when it all clicked, it was more than worth it. Set in a beautiful open world version of the UK, Horizon 4 has a stellar lineup of more than 400 cars and tons of racing activities to partake in. In the main online mode, each server hosts 72 players, with competing cars controlled by “Drivatars,” AI racers that model their strategies and racing capabilities off of real players. If you want to, you can join your friends and other racers online to challenge them.

With this games non-linear series of problems, Cups, Supercups, Shields and Championships, you can complete any occasion with the very best. The cars featured in this game range from rear wheels, 4-wheel classics, 2-wheel drives, and many more. The scenery and damage visuals of the Colin McRae have been modified and improved such that if you’re to crash into a tree, you’ll see some leaves drop as the trunk shudders. Overall, is is certainly a great choice if you are after the best car games for kids.

Need For Speed Heat (For Pc)

It also doesn’t really add a whole lot of new features to the series other than new cars and is only available for Microsoft systems. Perhaps one of the most entertaining and lovable racing games in existence, Mario Kart is a staple in the genre. The eighth installment of the Nintendo series features 42 unique playable characters, their karts, and 48 levels to explore. Plus, you can challenge your friends to races and battles online or next to them on the couch. Rise to be the champion you were born to be by forging your own path to glory with the Playstation 4 F1 2016.

Drive through many different terrains from the intense weather-beaten rally stages of Africa, Europe and the US. The DiRT 3 delivers all the gears, mud and sweat from the world over and boasts of more locations, more cars, more events and more routes than any other game available in the series. In this racing game, the rally returns with double its initial content, making this one action-packed and addictive game for players all around the world. The DriveClub PC racing game Read the full info here. Use to get an older version of TeamViewer if you need. is one designed with inspiration from diverse regions and roads all across the globe.

This great life spans about ten seasons with each season offering a more thrilling experience than the last. The Colin McRae Rally is one of the best car games for boys that enables gamers to drive some of the most diverse selection of rally cars while taking them through a full professional career. Experience real progression and rewards through the personal challenges provided by 23 individual rally events.


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This is one way to meet new people that share the same interest or play with friends who may live far away. Many racing games also allow you to drive around in familiar settings and locations in an open world scenario without ever having to leave your home. Kart-style racing games feature zany and cartoonish graphics and effects. You choose a character such as Luigi from Super Mario Bros. and control a customizable go-kart around a number of tracks.