Reviews Of Top 14 Best Weed Eater Brands On The Market

The well-balanced curved shaft provides extra comfort for women or short persons. This combo of string trimmer and power edger is the ideal one that doesn’t take time to convert. You can easily convert it without applying much effort from your side. The outdoor and power equipment field has been dominated by some companies. Black and Decker is one of them as it produces reputed power tools from homeowner chainsaw to string trimmer.

You want to purchase a gas weed eater that uses fuel efficiently. You also don’t want to constantly have to refill the gas tank. Gas string trimmers with straight shafts go into corners well. The gas string trimmer is also referred to as best gas weed trimmers a ‘weed wacker’, ‘weed eater’ and in European countries a “strimmer”. For Troy-Bilt’s weed eaters, its engines run on gas and oil. You will need to read the product manual prior to usage to know the exact mixing ratio for oil and gas.

Husqvarna 129c, The Best Gas Weed Eater For A Woman

For all the seven models I have selected and used so far, I have included details about their engine capacity, functionality, and competitive features. You can also find some of the strong points and drawbacks of each product in the corresponding review section. The larger tools require less effort to operate and have a higher cutting rate. Therefore, if you want to buy a trimmer for maintaining a large yard, it is essential to consider one with a larger cutting width.

It can easily switch between functioning as a trimmer and a wheeled edger for great versatility. The power drive transmission which comes with it will give you all of the torque you need to get the job done, not matter how big or how small. The sweeper is not one of those hulking, heavy duty models, so you don’t have to worry about having to strap it on your back to operate it, or anything similarly troublesome.

What Is A String Trimmer?

You don’t need a lot of effort to start trimming as the device has a convenient 2-step technology. Because of the motor design, the trimmer weighs about 18 pounds, which is more than a usual cutter has. This model is quite lightweight because it weighs about 11 pounds.

  • So, you can easily transform the gadget from a cutter to a bump by changing the head of the device.
  • It’s got the power you need to cut through tough overgrown grasses, minus the noise and pollution usually caused by gas units.
  • The trimmer also has a 1.2-liter fuel tank and an adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free carrying.
  • That’s easily enough to handle all but the most expansive lawns.
  • While not warmed up yet, the machine is prone to having hiccups.
  • The downside is that this type of string trimmers comes at a higher price tag compared to devices with curved shafts.
  • Also, oil was added to the 4 four-stroke models we had, to give a true representation of the weight as it would be used.
  • The Worx also has a telescoping shaft, adding a further adjustment to accommodate for height .
  • They also use materials such as fertilizers and pesticides more efficiently, saving you lots of money over the year.
  • The tool comes with a 10 inch saw blade, so you can equip that if you feel the need to or you believe that the blade will be of greater use for a certain task.
  • Also, this trimmer has an air purge that is responsible for emptying excess air from the fuel system.
  • After inserting the string, you are supposed to wind the spool in a clockwise direction.

Another thing which makes this engine great is that it does not require the mixing of gas and oil, whilst remaining lightweight, smooth & powerful. A quick change head also allows you to convert the bump head to a blade in seconds, saving you valuable time. 6cc 2-cycle engine with 17” cutting width, this weed wacker is powerful and easy-to-use and can cut a large amount of thick material quickly. Keep tall grass and weeds at bay with this highly-efficient weed eater from Remington. Lastly, this weed eater has a quick release split shaft also allows for easy storage or transportation.

It has a 20V battery which will supply plently of power, and has an adjustable handle with 8 positions for maximum comfort. The handle included on this trimmer should make trimming for long periods of time not just tolerable, but comfortable as well. It features Smart Start and auto return stop switch for easy starting, E-Tech II for reduced exhaust emission, and combi-guard used for both trimmer and grass blade. There is also a harness and thick handles for easy maneuvering and stable control. It is very important that you get your specifications right so that you do not end up with a weed eater that falls short of your expectations. As with any other machine, you should aim to get it right the first time.

best gas weed trimmers

The air purge primer bulb allows you to get air from the carburetor and fuel system. You just pop the line out and push another package in to replace it. The 128LD String Trimmer illustrates what’s great about products from this brand. We mentioned above that gas-powered weed eater uses an internal combustion engine. That is why you need to consider the type of engine on your commercial weed eater as well. According to Consumer Reports, you want a trimmer with the weight distributed evenly along the length of the machine or one that is slightly heavier at the top.

As mentioned above, these tools are generally designed for men and will be quite large in length. This can make it difficult to operate for those with shorter legs. Before making any purchase, it’s recommended to look at the specifications of the model. Some weed eaters come with an adjustable shaft which is ideal if your husband will also be using the weed eater. The most obvious thing women should think about when choosing a weed eater is the weight of the trimmer. Most of these tools are designed for men so they can be quite bulky and heavy for a female to carry around the whole yard.

The trimmer has a two-cycle motor that connects to one handle on a split-handle design, which is intended to allow the weight of the trimmer to be better supported by the user. The manufacturer notes that the split handles are detachable, so they can be adjusted to the optimal position for each user. At just 13 pounds, this gas string trimmer is a lightweight option, mostly due to the small two-cycle engine. This means users shouldn’t tire themselves out as quickly while they work. This Remington two-cycle gas string trimmer is an inexpensive option that comes with a curved shaft for making uniform flat cuts along the surface of the lawn.

Southland Sowst4317 Wheeled String Trimmer

The ST1511T has the power to slice through dense grass, gnarly weeds, and even 1-inch-thick Japanese knotweed without slowing down. All of this cutting ability is harnessed with a smooth, variable-speed trigger, which makes delicate work just as easy as brute-force clear-cutting. Though none of the trimmers we tested were quiet, the Ego ST1511T had the nicest sound, emitting a low-pitched hum, rather than the high, squealing whine of some of the others. This Ego completes the package with great balance, comfortable grips, and a simple bump-feed line advance. This Poulan Pro PR28SD model allows some useful attachments.

best gas weed trimmers

Actually, the trimmer length doesn’t affect its working result. But the trimmers with a size of 70 inches can be more convenient to use. Also, it is constructed as a 2-cycle model for less working time. It simplifies the cutting procedure because the device can trim a larger area at the same time. If you have a little time and a lot of work to do, this model is perfect for you because it copes with the grass really fast.

Personally I prefer the split shaft power heads – I can swap in a short pole pruner, brush blade, even a tiller or snow paddle, as needed. Makita’s couple shaft gives one 4 stroke and cordless power heads to go with their attachments. Tanaka 7-Year WarrantyAlso going into the Value equation is the warranty from each manufacturer, and we look at each warranty on two levels – for the consumer and commercial user. All the string trimmers include a warranty for commercial and consumer, with the exception of one. Husqvarna – Lightest at 12.3 lbs.Weight is important with string trimmers because you’re literally holding all that weight in your two hands. The more weight and more time, the more fatigued you’ll be at the end of the day.

Some people think that it’s not a big deal to find a perfect gas string trimmer. After reading the comprehensive reviews of the six top devices, you can be more confident when purchasing them. Remember to choose the tool that is not the top overall, but the one that suits exactly your lawn type. My favorite is the tool by Poulan Pro, which has proven its efficiency with the 17-inch cutting width and a powerful 2-stroke engine. A lot of power tools workers and mechanics trust the Craftsman brand. Among them, the gas string trimmer is a highly powerful motor for the toughest lawn.

However, this model’s lack of a listed warranty is a real mark against its overall quality. With regards to a warranty, the Remington RM2510 offers the standard 2 years of coverage. While it isn’t likely that this model would break down before that point, it is nice to have this amount of coverage in case you’re not fully satisfied with its performance. This price also includes a useful harness strap and a set of safety glasses, which makes it easier to take full advantage of the Honda HHT35SLTAT right out of the box. If you’re looking to upgrade your current model, or you’re buying one for the first time, here are the top options to check out.

With the Worx WG163 GT, you get a wheeled edger and trimmer in one tool at the price of one, and you can simply convert from one to the other at the snap of a finger. It’s one of the most adjustable unit you can get your hands on. Some people don’t like the curved shaft it comes with, but I say it’s a matter of personal preference, plus the curved shaft is really easy to maneuver, especially for edging. I think the most likable feature of the Echo GT-225 is that it’s very easy to start, and it doesn’t take much effort to pull the starter. Charged with holding the spinning line is a rapid loader cutting head, which as the name implies can be reloaded quickly by simply inserting precut lengths of cutting line.

Pros Of The Ego Power+ 15″

Best string trimmers of 2021, according to expertsWe’ve compiled expert-recommended string trimmers across gas, electric, and battery-powered options and price ranges. With over 330 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna provides professionals and consumers with forest, park, lawn and garden products. We let high performance meet usability and safety, making you ready to get the job done efficiently. Husqvarna offers a wide and growing range of products and accessories, including everything from chainsaws and trimmers to innovative robotic lawn mowers. Though not as powerful as a gas trimmer, power is not also lacking with the Makita XRU02Z, as it can adequately take care of all the grasses in your lawn. Also, the bump feed button on the trimmer head is reinforced to enable it withstand all the bumping action during use.