They will all be subject to the control of the RFEF

They will all be subject to the control of the RFEF

These certificates of being up to date with the Tax Agency and Social Security held by the RFEF must be valid throughout the season. A maximum period of 3 months will be admitted during the season, and never at the time of registration, of not providing the certificate.

Also the lists of overdue, liquid and payable debts as of June 30 with suppliers whose balance exceeds 6,000 euros. In addition, when the participating team is a section of another club or SAD, the list will refer to the providers of the futsal section. 

In relation to the budget for the 2020/21 season, the income section of the budget must be taken into account (which must be equal to or greater than the established minimum), the items related to advertising, sponsorship and subsidies or else will be duly and reasonably documented. any other income that, due to its importance in the budget, could be of special relevance for the continuity of the Club. 

The Club must provide sufficient documentation to prove a minimum of 50% of the income. Given the special circumstances of the 2020/21 Season, the budget may not be less than € 250,000 for First Division Clubs and € 75,000 for Second Division clubs. 

The RFEF may request from the clubs a certificate of the income provided for in the Budget. And in relation to the financial information of the 2020/21 season, until March 31, 2021, they must include a statement of the operating accounts as of March 31 December 2020 corresponding to the first semester of the season as well as a balance closed at December 31, 2020 corresponding to the first semester of the year. 

They will have until July 10 to present it

Once the contribution of the documentation of an economic-financial nature required at the time of registration has been verified and, where appropriate, valid for the next seasons within the deadlines set for its presentation in the regulations, as well as the rest of the documentation that required by the General Regulations with sports content, infrastructures, etc., the RFEF, after a reasoned economic report prepared by the Economic Control Committee (CCE) will decide on the registration of the team.

 The clubs will have a deadline to provide the budget support documentation until July 10, inclusive. The resolution must be formulated within a period of seven calendar days, and within that period, complementary documentation may be requested and provided.

Failure to present the documentation indicated in these regulations or failure to present it in a timely manner will be the reason for the Club’s non-registration in the competition. The resolution of non-registration, derived from economic-financial circumstances, which will not in any case have a disciplinary nature, may be appealed to the RFEF Appeal Committee within a period of seven calendar days from the refusal resolution. The disciplinary body must resolve within a maximum period of 7 calendar days. Failure to resolve within the established deadlines will be deemed favorable to the registration of the team.

Documentation for clubs with complex financial situations

The new RFEF regulations for futsal also include those clubs that are in a complex economic situation, such as having claims from sports personnel or against the Salary Guarantee Fund provided for in the current Collective Agreement or in any other that may be established in the RFEF and has not been reinstated, or before the labor jurisdiction.

Also those clubs that have embargoes requirements communicated to the RFEF whose amount is the lesser of the following figures: € 10,000 or 10% of the budget or those that have debts pending payment with the RFEF, with the Territorial Federations and / or with clubs of the RFEF. It will be considered that a debt is pending payment when it is due, liquid and enforceable in accordance with a legal or contractual obligation.

All these clubs must present at the beginning of the season and, at this time on June 30, 2020, the detail of expenses for the 2020/2021 annual season with the following sections: expected expenses of the sports staff with indication of name, salary gross, the amounts for image rights and any other expense of the same or similar nature, including payments in kind. Bonuses one x bet, social contributions, agent commissions, amortizations and, if applicable, the beginning and end of the sports staff contracts. All of them will be subject to the control of the RFEF. 

Barcelona has announced five casualties in the futsal section, as announced by SPORT, these are five players who end their contract on June 30 and who will not be renewed so they can continue next season. They are Roger Serrano, Juanjo Angosto, Mario Rivillos, Arthur Guilherme and Antonio Manuel Sánchez Tienda ‘Boyis’. The five will leave the Barcelona discipline on June 30 after the Barcelona team has been eliminated from the playoffs for the fight for the LNFS league title.


On at 12:37 CEST

A statement has been issued from Barcelona in which, apart from announcing the resignations, the five are also thanked for their dedication and professionalism during their stay at the club and "wishes you good luck in the future".

Barcelona have dropped five players | FCB

Roger and Juanjo have played the last four seasons in the first team. Both have been part of the project of Txus Lahoz and Andreu Plaza from the beginning and since then they have won 1 league, 2 Spanish Cups, 2 King’s Cups, 1 Spanish Super Cup and 3 Catalunya Cups. Roger is also a special case. Trained at Barça, he arrived at Barça as a cadet and ended up consolidating in the first team after a 2-year stay on loan in Tudela. An example for the players of the quarry.

The futsal Barça will announce five casualties and has the doubt of Ximbinha

Huge feat of Valdepeñas

Mario Rivillos has played the last three seasons for Barcelona and has won 1 league, 2 Spanish Cups, 2 King’s Cups, a Spanish Super Cup and 2 Catalunya Cups with Barça. And Arthur and Boyis arrived two seasons ago and march with a record of a league, 2 Spanish Cups, 1 King’s Cup, a Spanish Super Cup and 1 Catalunya Cup.

Two maneuvers by the international pivot of Azerbaijan of Brazilian origin Vilela, the first with a whiplash to the squad at 0-1 and the second with a shot at the post that transformed Raúl Campos in the rebound at 0-2, boosted the classification of the Palma Futsal for the semifinals and eliminated ElPozo Murcia, which extends their yearning for the league title to more than a decade.


On at 19:28 CEST



National Futsal League

The Balearic team overcame the first challenge against one of the three ‘greats’ of national futsal. Now he has another one, next Saturday, in the semifinals, against Movistar Inter.

It will be at 12.30 pm for a place in the final. Barça is also already eliminated. Among all these circumstances an undoubted opportunity arises for Palma, the team that has trained the most for this event, together with ElPozo himself, whom he separated from the fight for the League.

He did it with a protagonist above all: the Brazilian pivot Vilela, corpulent, powerful and accurate. Arrived in the last winter market, this Wednesday was key for his team, because he broke the tie that dominated the track in the first half.

The native Brazilian hitched a good left-footed shot that beat Fede in the 15th minute of the match to overtake Palma, with what means such an advantage in a match of this type, although, in this case, the draw would have been enough for the Murcia team. to go to the semifinals.

The former Azulgrana Rafa López y Paradynski, author of 2-3 | RFEF

ElPozo did not succeed, which has gone from candidate to eliminated. An irrefutable disappointment for a team with much more pretensions than it has obtained in Malaga, which is leaving the final appointment without the League, but also without a place at the moment in the next Champions League unless it wins the Final Four in the Palau Blaugrana, in which Barça also compete.

The 0-2, at the beginning of the second half, was also promoted by Vilela. His shot was not a goal, but between Fede’s clearance and the post he fell into the boots of his teammate Rául Campos to increase the income.

Already in minute 33, ElPozo bet on the game of five. There is no better contrast for such a formula as the one used by Palma, who took advantage of the first error to add the 0-3, through the ex-Azulgrana Joao Batista from his field.

The Murcian team needed three goals. He scored two. One from Álex and another from Paradynski, this one 18 seconds from closing. It was not enough. Palma will play the semifinal.

The Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong will probably be one of the great novelties of the squad of Quique Setién, Blaugrana coach, for the next League game, this Saturday against Valladolid at the Nuevo Zorrilla.


Act. At 11:16 CEST

Francesc J. Gimeno


Frenkie de Jong

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Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong back after calf injury

The evolution of his injury to the soleus of the right leg has evolved positively and it is very likely that the Dutch international will receive a medical discharge before the Blaugrana first team travel to Valladolid. In that case, De Jong could have his first minutes after spending almost a month in dry dock.

De Jong has not played since last June 13, Barça resumed the competition after the stoppage caused by the coronavirus in the field of Mallorca.